Why build a wine cellar?

If you drink mostly wine, then you should think about a wine cellar of some sort.  It might be as simple as a wine fridge you buy from somewhere like Home Depot, a larger, a specialized wine cabinet, or even an actual cellar that you build out with shelving and climate control.

Why build a wine cellar?

  • It lets you get to know a wine more intimately:  buy 3 bottles, drink one now, and cellar the other two for future enjoyment. We usually drink #2 a year later, and #3 might wait based on the winemaker’s recommendation.
  • It protects your investment – if you’re spending money on wine, then you need to provide optimum storage conditions so that it will keep and improve with age.
  • It allows you to take advantage of great deals or special buys, like we often find with Opimian or with the Vintages section of our LCBO. You can buy it and keep it.
  • It allows you to experience the wine in the way the winemaker intended.  Many wines just aren’t ready to drink when they’re bottled, and need multiple years in the bottle to mature and turn into something really magical.  If you don’t have somewhere to store it while it matures, you’ll never get that experience.
  • It means you never have to rush out to pick up a bottle of wine.  If we’re going to see friends, we ask what’s on the menu then make our choice based on that.  Each Thursday, we review what’s in the cellar, what needs to be drunk, and what we’re planning to cook – then make our choices for the weekend based on those variables.
  • Wine is a wonderful hobby to share – shopping for wine, sharing the tasting experience, and even creating vacations around wine tasting gives us something we’re both passionate Our wine cellarabout, and enjoy doing together. But coming home with a vehicle full of wine means we need somewhere to put it.

Our house had a great cold cellar in it, which we happily turned into a wine cellar – it’s home to about 250 bottles, which seems to be our peak.  Our next home will be smaller, though, so we’ll probably move to a wine cabinet.  Doesn’t really matter, as long as the wine is properly kept, so we can enjoy the process of acquiring it, then tasting it only when it’s ready!

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