J. Lohr 2015 Los Osos Merlot

Here we are in south Texas drinking J. Lohr 2015 Los Osos Merlot, which we buy at the local grocery store for $11.68 American dollars.  You can get it at Ontario’s LCBO for $22.95, and it would probably be worth it :-).  It’s a lovely wine, tasting of black cherry and chocolate, with decent tannins.  We found the 2015 is a bit bolder than the 2014, but I guess the grocery store must have run out of the 2014 (I suppose we contributed to that, we’ve been drinking it for the last 5 or so weeks).

He said: The 2015 is much nicer than the 2014.  Great value – it’s affordable.

She said:  Shut up already, you do run on!

We actually went to J. Lohr winery a few years ago in the Paso Robles wine region in southern California.  Their tasting room isn’t a giant chateau or anything, but their wines have been consistently yummy and really great value, and I believe they produce quite a lot of wine.  We got started on their Zinfandel, but this Merlot has become a real favorite.  We’ve tried other reds, but keep coming back to this one.  Personally, I like both the 2014 and the 2015.

If you have the chance, give it a try, and be ready to grab a couple of extras! And if you’re wondering where to go in California, the Paso Robles wine region is a real gem.  Lots of wineries, but still not as touristy as wine regions to the north, so you often have a more leisurely tasting with lots of personal attention.


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