Chateau Pique-Segue, 2009 Bergerac, again…

DSC_0164Checking inventory and maturity dates, we had to pull another bottle of this wine from out of the cellar.  We still have 2 left out of 6 purchased from Opimian.  We’ve already reviewed this wine but it’s worth reiterating how great a wine it is for the $17 investment. But the real fun is in purchasing a wine in enough quantities to revisit it once or more each year, evaluating it as it matures.  And likely as we mature as well!

Bergerac is a wine region in south-west France, covering an area along the Dordogne river. Despite the region’s long, varied history, Bergerac wines often play second fiddle to the famous cuvees of Bordeaux, just to the west.  Generally, wines from Bergerac are similar to Bordeaux wines, being a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and sometimes a bit of Malbec.  Geographically, Bergerac is separated from Bordeaux by mostly administrative definitions, rather than terroir.  What this sometimes means is that you can get some amazing wines with the wonderful attributes of Bordeaux, but at a fraction of the price.

She said: I get notes of leather and tobacco, and got some smokiness when I first stuck my nose in the glass. It’s got lots of tannins, but isn’t so overwhelming that I can’t enjoy it with finger foods, like cheese and crackers.

He said: Let’s go inside so we can actually smell and taste it.  There’s too much breeze in the back garden to do it justice.  Initially, I got smoke on the nose, and am getting some on the palate as well.  Don’t often get black cherry which I’m tasting,  It’s also quite smooth & velvety.

Generally, we both thought it was a very nice wine, especially for the price – the kind of wine you’d want to buy by the case, to have it on hand, or even take as a hostess gift. Seems like our opinion hasn’t really changed any since the last time we tried it.


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