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Brrrr, it’s cold outside! A drink to warm you.

Although we love wine, we’re not dating exclusively.  So here’s one of my other

On a cold winter’s day, there’s nothing better than getting outside to enjoy the bracing weather, then coming in to a warm Irish Coffee.  Years ago, I was fortunate to live in San Francisco for a couple of years, and we would visit the Buena Vista Cafe down on Fisherman’s Wharf. During tourist season, they were always packed, but in the off season, you could actually get in there and order a drink.  We used to go down there occasionally, sometimes even taking the cable car to get there (it’s at one end of the cable car route).  I found out that they were famous for their Irish Coffee, so gave it a try.  Instant yum! Here’s the story of how they came up with their perfect Irish Coffee. And a bit more historyAnd here’s a recipe for the “authentic” Irish Coffee.  I cheat a bit:  I’ll rim the glass mug with cocktail sugar, then use the whipped cream out of the can – if you gently stir it, you can create a cream “float” to drink through (see the authentic recipe for explanation).

The Buena Vista is still going strong, so if you have a chance to go to San Francisco, it’s a great place to stop – just get there early so you can get a spot at the bar!

Giving the gift of wine

Occasionally friends will ask me for wine recommendations, as they want to give someone a bottle of wine.  But  rather than make recommendations, here’s a nice article from the LCBO offering up several choices.  I have no doubt that the Luca Malbec will be wonderful, as Dave and I have quite enjoyed the Catena Malbecs before and are always on the look for more.  Cave Spring’s Riesling has always been a favorite of ours – it’s a crowd pleaser too, and appeals to almost everyone. Don’t believe we’ve had the Fontanafredda Barolo or the Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc, but I’m putting them on my list!  And Cuvee Catherine is a great choice for bubbly, my friend Anne has loved it for years!

Five great choices as gifts – reds, whites and even a sparkling wine.  But I’d get them soon, as the highly recommended wines usually move off the shelves fast!