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About us

“He said, she said” is our attempt to provide two perspectives.  We hope that you find the information interesting and helpful.  Perhaps our adventures will help you design your own wine adventures!

We live in Ontario, Canada, and over the years we’ve been fortunate to get to know the wine regions of Ontario, California and Burgundy, France. We live in hope that we can expand that one of these days.

We’re very enthusiastic about wine, and love nothing better than learning something new through visiting wineries, or participating in wine tastings, whether formal, or with a group of friends.  Over the years, we’ve dragged our friends to many wine tasting parties and events, and they’ve always been great sports about it.  Even our friends that aren’t into wine have indulged us and come along for the ride.

We’ve recently relocated to near London, Ontario, so are looking to network with wine lovers in this area – and we’re looking forward to exploring Southwest Ontario’s wine scene.

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Melanie and Dave