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Another wonderful Canadian red wine, this one on our doorstep! This wine is a Bordeaux style red, and is a blend of 85% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Petit Verdot.  It shows cherry and other berries on the palate, with soft tannins which make it nice and drinkable with a variety of foods.  We sipped our first glass with snacks, and had the rest with roast chicken and oven fries.

She said: It’s a bit peppery, and I though I got a sense of truffles.

He said: The berries are most noticeable to me.  It’s a decent wine at a very reasonable price point – we paid $19.95 at the winery.

She said: We should have bought more than 2 bottles! It’s worth a trip to Pelee Island Winery for this wine!

From the wine description on the company’s web site:

The Vinedressers series is a Premium and Exclusive line up of wines only available at Pelee Island Winery in limited quantities. The series obtained its name through the history of grape growing and maintenance on Pelee Island in the 1880’s.At that time, the ongoing sound of pruning shears could be heard in the Vineyard. Pelee Islander’s referred to this task as “trimming grapes” and those who did this work, were referred to as “The Vinedressers”.

The details:

  • Pelee Island Vinedressers 20012 Cabernet Sauvignon Petit Verdot
  • 13% alcohol
  • 70% barrel aged in French and European oak for 12 months
  • Available at Pelee Island Winery in Kingsville, Ontario

Jackson Triggs Delaine 2012 Syrah

We call this the “other” amazing red by Jackson Triggs, as we originally met their reds through a Delaine SyrahReserve Shiraz that isn’t made every year. It was a number of years ago that I’d organized an executive wine tour for a client, and we stopped at JT for a tour and tasting. I tried the Shiraz and just loved it – think it was around $50/bottle at the time.

But this wine really worth a discussion all its own. Here’s what the winery says about the wine:

“The Delaine Syrah is overflowing with delicious aromas and flavours. Spice and ripe dark fruit with hints of chocolate and coffee dominate the nose with flavours on the palate following suit. This intense Syrah has good balanced weight and smooth tannins making for a luscious sip from start to long, lingering finish.”

She said: Personally, it’s more robust that I’m used to seeing out of the Niagara region, and while it reminds me of Syrah/Shiraz from warmer areas like Australia or California, it’s a bit more refined. I agree with the description – it’s luscious! Dave, can we get more please?

He said: Ditto. The bottle says “Displays white pepper and red fruit on the nose with flavours of red berries, pepper and mocha with velvety tannins on the finish.”

She said: Love the pepper!

He said: Next time we’re in the Toronto area we’ll try to hunt some down, I promise. Not really a steak wine but it would go good with cheeses & breads – definitely wouldn’t do well in a duel with spicy food.

She said: It’s going just fine with the peanuts and pretzels!


  • Delaine by Jackson Triggs
  • 2012 Syrah VQA Niagara Peninsula
  • $32.95/bottle from the winery in Niagara


You can get a 2010 vintage at LCBO for $33.95 (Vintages #86553). But very few stores carry it, so you might be better off making a road trip J to Niagara!