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Another wonderful Canadian red wine, this one on our doorstep! This wine is a Bordeaux style red, and is a blend of 85% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Petit Verdot.  It shows cherry and other berries on the palate, with soft tannins which make it nice and drinkable with a variety of foods.  We sipped our first glass with snacks, and had the rest with roast chicken and oven fries.

She said: It’s a bit peppery, and I though I got a sense of truffles.

He said: The berries are most noticeable to me.  It’s a decent wine at a very reasonable price point – we paid $19.95 at the winery.

She said: We should have bought more than 2 bottles! It’s worth a trip to Pelee Island Winery for this wine!

From the wine description on the company’s web site:

The Vinedressers series is a Premium and Exclusive line up of wines only available at Pelee Island Winery in limited quantities. The series obtained its name through the history of grape growing and maintenance on Pelee Island in the 1880’s.At that time, the ongoing sound of pruning shears could be heard in the Vineyard. Pelee Islander’s referred to this task as “trimming grapes” and those who did this work, were referred to as “The Vinedressers”.

The details:

  • Pelee Island Vinedressers 20012 Cabernet Sauvignon Petit Verdot
  • 13% alcohol
  • 70% barrel aged in French and European oak for 12 months
  • Available at Pelee Island Winery in Kingsville, Ontario

Novas Gran Reserva Carmenère Cab Sauvignon Organic 2013

It’s always wonderful when you taste a wine that inspires you to share with others.  And Novasthat’s why we are sitting here, watching golf, sipping wine at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon.  Our friend Mary suggested we try it – we’ve shared many wines with her and Mark, so they’re pretty good judges of what will get us excited.

And this one’s a definite winner! Rich and deep, it’s got wonderful body, but isn’t so robust that it needs food.

He said, “That’s different, I’m picking up some tannins that are lingering but overall it’s a quite peasant, enjoyable wine. Look forward to trying the other 2 bottles in upcoming years (see our thoughts on the 3-bottle lot). The tannins should mellow out and the wine will get smoother. It’s a flavour I haven’t come across in any other wine  – I occasionally pick up a bit of strawberry and cherry, but the taste I get isn’t one that I’ve encountered with another wine. Might be the blend…”

She said, “First mouthful was red cherries and a bit of plum too.  But what really does it for me is the fig on the nose – the scent of figs is one of my favorites. I suppose some might characterize it as “herbal” or “vegetal.”  I’ll stick with yummy. More please, Dave.”

The wine is found in the Chile section of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO), not the Vintages section, and we got it for $15.80.  There is another wine by the same producer in the Vintages section – a different blend – that might be worth trying as well. LCBO doesn’t have a lot to say about it, but here’s what John Szabo had to say on the 2010 version on Wine Align:

A forward, very fruity and spicy, vegetal and floral, bold but certainly not subtle blend here from Emiliana’s organically famed vineyard in the Colchagua Valley. This is full, rich, rather thick and suave on the palate, with abundant black and blue fruit flavours and long finish. A terrific value for fans of full flavoured wines at a very fair price. Tasted January 2013. Value Rating: ***

The details:

  • Vinedos Emiliana S.A., Novas Gran Reserva Carmenère Cab Sauvignon Organic 2013
  • 14.5% Alcohol
  • Colchagua Valley, Chile
  • LCBO #434662

Vina Tarapaca Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Vina Tarapaca Gran ReservaI received an email describing this wine as part of the Wine of the Weekend service, which highlights wines available at the LCBO that are:

  • less than $25 retail
  • readily available in Ontario
  • over-deliver on quality and value
  • fit the season or what is happening that weekend
  • are approachable and perfect for sharing and celebrating

Dave went off and bought our standard 3-bottle lot at an LCBO store in London Ontario, and we tried the first bottle tonight.  All I can say is “Honey, get in the car and get some more!”

This is a lovely wine, lots of berries when you open the bottle, which for me turned into violets on the nose as the wine opened.  It’s robust, with good tannins, but is extremely drinkable right away, with lots of blackberry flavours. While it was robust, I was quite happy to drink the first half of the bottle before dinner – it doesn’t absolutely cry out for food to accompany it, like some wines do.  But I can also see drinking this with a nice steak, or some super aged cheddar.  Here’s the Wine of the Weekend writeup.

Dave was getting “nuts” when he was drinking it.  Honey, I think that was the nutmeg flavour, or maybe the cocoa coming through.  While it’s complex enough to suit those with sophisticated tastes, it’s just a wonderful wine for the rest of us too!

The Details: