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Which wine glass should you use?

Over the years, one thing we’ve both learned to do is swirl the wine in our glass, which gently exposes it to more oxygen – exposing the “nose” of the wine, and helping soften the wine a bit.  The glass you use can be extremely important for this purpose, especially if you’re an enthusiastic swirler!wine glasses

In our early drinking days, we had everyday glassware.  But now we will pay the higher prices for quality crystal wine glasses – for us they increase the enjoyment of the experience.

She said: “I love the light ‘ting’ that a good crystal gives off, plus the feel of it in my hand. These expensive glasses have larger bowls, which provide more air exposure to the wine, and room enough to get your nose down in there to experience the aromas of the wine, before that first important taste.”

He said:”You need a big glass so you won’t spill it when you’re swirling.”

Ah, well, there is that.  But do you really need special glasses?  The short answer is no – whatever works for you is fine.  But if you want to take your experience to the next level, investing in some purpose-designed wine glasses may be just the thing.  We have appropriate glasses for most of the wines we drink, and they just add to the pomp and circumstance of opening, then savouring, the wine.  The Wine Enthusiast web site has a very nice article on the different types of glasses.